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Shoot The Birds – vengeance for the pumpkins!

10/25/2012 written by Ania

Is it definite that birds stepped down giving place to green pigs in the AppStore?

To save the egg-laying creatures from falling into oblivion, we are happy to present a splendid app from a Polish producer Infinite Dreams, ideal for the coming rainy fall days. Ladies and Gentleman… Shoot the Birds.


The barefaced birds are eating pumpkins from our, cultivated with so much effort, field. It’s time to take revenge! The players wield a crossbow (yes, my dears, no catapult this time) and they have to shoot the undesired guests! The birds vary: fast, slow, big, small, but all are equally unwanted! Precision and speed count. The worse we do in the game, the sooner the sun goes down (those who enjoyed Tiny Wings know just how important „lengthening” the day is).

Winning points

Each bird shot wins us a point. We get a much better score is we shoot many birds in a row and if we manage to get rid of a few intruders with just one arrow (the, so called, bonus kebab!). Check out the Fury Mode – it’s activated when you shoot really fast and really accurately (one shot per second). This way points multiply much faster!



Our opinion:

The game can really drag you in! Apart from just shooting the birds and scoring points, the producers thought of additional challenges: hit five pink birds (sounds silly, but just wait until you get there), shoot 20 birds in a row and the such.

The graphics is tip top. The sun slowly going down in the distance makes it even more fun. We like the animated birds which, as you’ll see for yourselves, try to avoid the arrows flying by, loose feathers and make tragicomic sounds. One thing we longed for was some kind of a catchy soundtrack.

We also need to complain a bit about the Fury Mode. Sometimes we felt like shooting fast and aiming well, but there was nothing to shoot to, the birds didn’t show up and so we had to start scoring points for the Fury Mode from the beginning.

 An absorbing bird app for rainy evenings.

To sum up: you won’t be bored. In the worse case scenario you’ll become slightly anxious. Avoid using the app on public transport, as some elder commuters will notice the dogged look upon your face with astonishment. As they listen to your sighs, they will peek over your shoulder and once they see you are shooting those charming birds, they might even show their disapproval (it did happen to us!).

What do you think of this app? Should we give it to the kids or leave it in the Parents’ Corner?


Shoot The Birds
Shoot The Birds
Author: Infinite Dreams
Price: $0.99


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